Ixchel McKinnie

Ixchel joined Social Impact Strategies Group (SISG) in December 2020, bringing her operational and financial experience to SISG. In her role, she leads enterprise development for SISG’s Integrated Capital Fund. She is also the Cooperative Development Manager for an exciting project to convert a restaurant into a community owned/worker run cooperative just blocks away from George Floyd Square. This will give members of the Powderhorn neighborhood an opportunity to have ownership of their food ecosystem and community.

With over a decade of experience in banking and training respectively, Ixchel has worked for Rivertown Trading Company, Wells Fargo, and founded her own successful consulting firm.   During her time in the Twin Cities working in social impact, she has consulted with The Coven, was part of the Lunar Startups team, and served as the Interim CEO for the joint venture between Impact Hub and FinnovationLab.

When she is not doing social impact work with SISG, Ixchel is active in the rowing community as a certified coach, referee, engaging Black, Indigenous, and People of Color in the sport.  She has two Yorkies, Sammy and Dexter.