Reparative Capital for Marginalized Communities

Shifting capital means shifting power. Learn how community leaders are innovating to build resilience in marginalized communities.

What would it look like if an individual’s economic wellbeing was not determined by the wealth that they were born into or the color of their skin? Learning from economic and financial solutions that prioritize access and inclusion, we’ll discuss how capital can be reparative for historically marginalized communities and why community-leaders are best positioned to lead us forward. Four global leaders will showcase innovative best practices, such as leveraging character-based lending as an alternative to credit scores and utilizing tools like built-in grant conversions in their lending activities. To heal the wounds of historic atrocities, we must shift capital, control, and power back to marginalized communities.

This session was curated in partnership with Common Future.

Olufunke Adebola, Chief Data Officer, Hello Tractor

Heather Fleming, Co-founder and Executive Director, Change Labs

Brendan Martin, Executive Director, The Working World

Elaine Rasmussen, CEO, Social Impact Strategies Group (SISG)

Alfa Demmellash, CEO / Co-Founder, Rising Tide Capital

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